Sunday, 26 February 2012

A Taste of Chanel

Dear Miss H.C,

Tweed is an essential fashion classic and every woman should have a dainty segment of fashion history in their closet; ready to pull out for any important function. The tweed jacket is a Chanel classic that Lagerfeld has invented and reinvented year after year in his reigning position at the House of Chanel. It is important to not over indulge in the ladylike motif. Balance and contrast are the key principles of modern fashion. For example, when wearing tweed, pearls or other signatures of the Chanel look, try and off set this with biker-style leather pants, a zipper adorned clutch, black platform boots, or a long casual necklace. If you’re in the mood to savor the taste of Chanel and have a couple extra dollars strewn about and are ready to spend, there is the Chanel J12, a true delight for any fashionista.

See you in Paris.

- Victoria

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