Sunday, 26 February 2012

Spring 2012 Trends: Braids

Dear Haute Coujure,

Spring is a time of new imaginings, fantasy and daydream. As our spring wardrobes begin to take shape, so must our hair. There are many sexy hairstyles to choose from to evoke the goddess that is held within. Some of the seductive hair styles that come to mind are the long flowing waves of Kim Kardashian, the new long bob worn by Elizabeth Olsen, Lea Michele’s choppy bangs or my personal favorite; the braid. A braid in one’s hair creates a sense of whimsy and fantasy. I prefer the braid to act as a head band, sweeping ones hair to shape the face and create structure and contour at the same time. Other braiding styles to try include the new and popular fishtail braid, as well as smaller braids that flow from the nape of the neck. There are many alluring styles to manifest the spring sprit….which one will you choose?

Rapunzel….Rapunzel…let down your hair…

- Victoria

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