Thursday, 1 March 2012

just an average day

Purple Rain
Dear Haute Coujure,
To all those who thought we weren’t going to make it through another Canadian winter, the glorious day has arrived: March 1st. Despite the flurries I see outside, the worst is hopefully over. To commemorate my excitement on this glorious occasion, we shall celebrate with champagne showers of purple rain. Let us harken back to 2004/2005, when BeyoncĂ© and Prince took to the stage at the Grammy’s to perform Purple Rain. Purple rain is my current fashion inspiration.  I am presently very excited for all things purple; purple wallets, jeans, dresses… and even purple streaks. Purple has been popping up on Vogue’s weekly New York street fashions and is subtlety sneaking its way into our wardrobes. This past autumn I ventured to a very elegant Forever 21 store located in San Francisco. This is where I began to part take in the purple trend. The store appeared to have been a former cathedral and had been converted into a mega Forever 21 store location. I walked away toting a chunky dark purple scarf with blue and gold detailing and singing the hymns of Prince.
Singing in the rain…
-          Victoria

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