Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Spring 2012 Trends: Neon (Part 1)

The flashing lights of neon prints are upon us this spring. Visions of the Killers, Mr. Brightside music video are washing over me as I reimagine the dark transitioning days of February. In order to not falter under the harsh glare of the neon lights here are some suggestions. My first suggestion would be to examine the subject matter: you. Neon shades tend to look better on medium to darker complexions. If you have fair skin I would recommend adopting this trend in the form of accessories, for example a bright hued wristlet or platform wedge. Try and avoid having a direct compare between the colour of your skin and the colour of the fabric. Other suggestions I would recommend would be pairing a bright hue like neon green with something more subtle and demure, such as light grey; the focus will be on the accent of neon and will help you from looking too over the top. Personally I’ve worn this trend in the form of a flowing lime green tank, black bando bra and black liquid legging.
Neon is attention grabbing and forever captivating. Neon is refreshing and just like my Coke; I wouldn’t mind a taste of lime.
Drink up!
-          Victoria

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