Friday, 24 February 2012

Spring 2012 Trends: Black & White Accessories

Dear Haute Coujure Followers,

Sunny shades have been featured prominently on the Spring 2012 runway shows. We are seeing bright colours appear in many forms, such as delicious new hued jeans, multi coloured striped sweaters, floral print shoes, and neon green dresses. Some of the big colours we are seeing this year are turquoise, emerald, hibiscus, coral and banana, which are highly reminiscent of my tropical getaways. However, how should one accessorize these over the top hues? My solution is two fold, either go all the way and pair bright on bright or alternatively pair these hues down with classic black and white accessories. I feel that the black and white option is more practical, realistic and easier to adopt. Which ever trend seems the most like reality and most akin with street style is probably the method you should adopt. Featured here in this photo are some classic big oversized frames, a perfect transition into your fun spring wardrobe.

Happy shopping,

- Victoria

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