Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A is for Aritzia

Dear Haute Coujure,
Aritzia can always be counted on for cult classic fashions, as we may recall the staying power of TNA track pants and pull-over hoodies. Other personal favourites from Aritzia include their long draping Wilfred sweaters; with tight fitting sleeves that cinched in at the elbow and a billowing, elongated shape. The Wilfred sweaters have been firmly situated in my weekly wardrobe for years.  Within a more recent time frame, I have been exploring Aritzia’s Spring 2012 collection. Their cream, lace adorned top from Talula, called the “Betsy Blouse” has already taken off with mass appeal and for the price of $50; it’s not an overly expensive way to be part of Aritzia’s perennial allure.  My current focus is on their body-con dress, entitled “Sherri Dress in Grunge Bouquet.;” for $55. This is highly reminiscent of the Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love madness of the 1990’s. The black backdrop and pink floral print are seductive and edgy. Pair this dress with ultra-high black satin platform heels from Aldo and a Marc Jacobs clutch. Let your inner grunge goddess come alive when the sun goes down and embrace Nirvana.
Always Aritzia, always yours
-          Victoria

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